Free Boob Job & Free Breast Implant Website Reviews

There are quite a few websites out there on the Internet that claim to give women the opportunity to get free boob jobs, or at least breast implants at low cost. This website takes a look at the various sites out there to give you ladies the low down on what sites are real, which ones actually work, and which ones are a waste of your time. And if you are a guy, you can use this site to figure out which website you should visit to see some free boobies!

Table of Contents is the best site for both ladies looking for a free boob job, as well as guys that want to see pictures of -- and meet ladies that want a free boob job. As of the writing of this site they have been online for almost 2 years and have given away 21 free boob jobs already! Quite impressive for such a young site. According to the owners they expect to giving away a free boob job a week within by the end of the year.

What makes this site special is the people. The girls on the site are super friendly with each other as well as with the gentleman on the site. Even though the ladies are all competing with each other to be the next one to get a free boob job, they all seem to get along quite well. There is a great sense of community on this site which I think is what makes it work so well. The site is able to keep it both classy and sexy at the same time. score: 5 out of 5!

This website no longer exists. score: 0 out of 5

This website also no longer exists. score: 0 out of 5

Again, another defunct attempt. This website no longer exists. Why? Well because according to their website raffles are illegal unless you are a non-profit organization, which they aren't. Now the site is nothing but banner ads as the try to capitalize on what once was. Nothing to see here folks. Move along... score: 0 out of 5

Website dead. I'm starting to see a pattern here. score: 0 out of 5

This looks to be a new comer to the market as there is very little activity on the site. Upon closer inspection the site is simply an off the shelf dating software solution called webDate, and they slapped on a Free Boob Job facade. Guys & Girls, lets be honest here, if you are looking to find a date, you are not going to do it on a website about free boob jobs. Seriously. There doesn't appear to be much on the site as far as interactivity. Many of the ladies on this site look like they have left this site and moved on the where they are having far more success. Perhaps that's why there is no activity?

UPDATE: It has been brought to my attention that this site has several fraudulent accounts! An alert reader pointed out that they have a live profile of the porn star Adriana Sage on their site and the profile is clearly not being operated by Ms. Sage. We have degraded this site and given it a FRAUD warning. score: 2 out of 5

This site has been around for a while, and on the surface it looks ok right? I mean it says right there on the front page in big bold letters "Free Breast Augmentation Surgery For One Lucky Winner!" Well that's great and all, but only ONE winner? What about the rest of us? After a little probing it's clear this website was setup to do nothing more than collect the contact information from girls interested in breast implants so that they could spam those ladies with cosmetic surgery financing options. Just look at the contest rules. Rule #3 says "There is no set date for the selection of our winner." Riiiiiiight. Translation: There is no winner. If you want spam, this is a great site! If you want a free boob job, this site sucks! score: 0 out of 5

As far as I can tell, this website is a scam! Stay away! It takes the original idea of the and just steals it! I mean rips it off completely. Not only is the site unoriginal, but it's full of lies. They claim that they have sold over $200,000 in pixels which will help fund 10 lucky girls free boob jobs. Well after further investigation over 90% of the allegedly sold pixels are just affiliate links to other websites so they can try to make a quick buck of click-thru advertising money. Lame. I mean do they seriously expect us to believe companies such as MSN and ESPN and Verizon would shell out money for a 30x50 ad on this website!? I mean these companies get more traffic on their sites than you can imagine. They don't need the miniscule traffic from this itsy bitsy website. This one has SCAM written all over it!

Not only that but the owner of the website as listed in the domain registry is Mr. Martin Cox of Carson City, Las Vegas. It just so happens Mr. Cox is also involved with a company by the name of ATM Virtual, Inc. And they are quite simply a pornography outfit with other sites like 'Bang My Pooper' and 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Whores'! Ladies unless you are trying to get your free boob job to break into the porno industry I'd stay far away from this one. score: -1 out of 5!

This is one of the original Free Boob Job type of websites. It is unlike the other sites listed here in that it's goal was to raise the money for one girl, and one girl only. She reached her goal a long time ago, and now the site seems to rarely be updated, and is only used to push ads and earn affiliate income.

Some have rumored that the girl from this site is now the spokesmodel of, but no one has either confirmed or denied those rumors.

While this website has no desire to help other ladies, it is worth noting as it is one of the originators. If you are thinking about starting your own site similar to this one, take a look at my notes below. score: 3 out of 5

WARNING! SCAM ALERT! Multiple girls have reported that they raised enough funds for their boob jobs and then the company would not release the funds. It looks like they split with all the money and do not return phone calls or emails. Be afraid. Be very afraid! score: -1 out of 5

This one had so much promise. Their website was this great big flash production with lights and music and fancy animation. And they talked about how they were going to raise several millions of dollars and give away a set of implants everyday for an entire year! Sounds great right? Well, one look at their site sums it all up: "Account for domain has been suspended" Game over. Nice try guys. score: 0 out of 5

Despite it's appearance, this is not a real website. It was just an entry in a viral marketing contest. Not surprisingly it did quite well in the contest. But alas, there is no opportunity here for a free boob job. score: 1 out of 5!

This website was around for about 4 months, raised a few hundred dollars and then split with the money! Amateurs. score: 0 out of 5

Website dead. Deja Vu. score: 0 out of 5

Personal Fundraising (Cyberbegging) websites

I mention this type of site in order to try to give you the readers all the information you need to make an informed decision about free boob jobs. These sites are personal websites for one individual that is trying to raise money for her free boob job. There are quite a few of these types of site, and I wont go into any specifics as they are usually not very effective at all. I have seen some sites where a girl manages to raise around $50 and then site just sits there and collects dust for a few years. Most of the sites created by individual ladies seem to have been created around the time when the Internet was this new fangled get-rich-quick platform. Well as you may guess, that never ended up being the case, and many of these ladies never ended up getting their free boob jobs.

Creating your own fundraising website

Ladies if you are thinking of creating your own site, think again. It's not as easy as it may look. Sure, creating the site is as easy as going down to your local book store and picking up a Beginners Guide to HTML, taking a few pictures, picking a font color and bam! You are on your way. But it's not just a matter of "If You Build It They Will Come" It just doesn't work like that. In order to get donations you need traffic to your site (preferably by potential donors), and you also need a way to convince the visitors that your site is not a here-today-gone-tomorrow scam. A lot harder than it sounds. It's far more realistic to join an already established website with a proven track record. Use a community site such as and piggyback on their success and their credibility. Let them bring the traffic to you! ;) Then all you have to do is be yourself.

Who Am I?

You may be wondering who I am, why I chose to review these sites, and what sort of credibility I have. Fair enough. My name is Charity. I used to have a website here that was my breast augmentation journal, in which I documented all of my experiences in raising money for my breast implants, all the way through the surgery and the recovery. Well, since then my computer crashed and I lost the website files. I now work in a cosmetic surgeons office and always see girls leave the office discouraged when they discover just how much a good surgeon charges for breast implants. I felt so bad for these ladies since I know how much my procedure changed my life! So I chose to research what plastic surgery financing options were available (on my own time -- not for the doctor I work for) and I wanted to give these ladies a clear overview of their options. Hopefully you found this information informative.